Pediatric Strangulation MDT Training – Pilot Project 

Tiffany Lee, Program Analyst, Advanced Child Abuse Investigation Training Program

In addition to a continuation of the current Joint Training project, the Advanced Child Abuse Investigation Training Program has also been awarded a grant for its pilot project: Pediatric Strangulation MDT Training.  

The purpose of the Pediatric Strangulation MDT Training pilot project is to more thoroughly train investigators and other multidisciplinary team (MDT) members about pediatric strangulation to better recognize the signs and symptoms of strangulation, provide informed evaluations and medical care for victims, connect victims with crucial services and resources, collect information about strangulation incidents, and overall better serve children across Texas affected by this type of crime.

This project will identify 4 Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) and District Attorney’s (DA) Offices interested in participating in the project. The participating MDTs will be asked to assist in developing child strangulation investigative protocol and utilize the pediatric strangulation supplement during investigations and interviews. The development of the pediatric strangulation supplement and establishing best practices will enhance MDTs’ response to suspected child victims, while ensuring consistent medical exams are conducted by all first responders and consistent language is used among all MDT members.  Upon completion of the training and task force meetings, information will be collected about child strangulation victimization rates and trends and will be used to improve the supplement and establish a statewide protocol. 

The overall goal of this new project is to better understand the incidence of child strangulation across Texas by providing specific training on pediatric strangulation, facilitating child strangulation task force meetings, and implementing the pediatric strangulation supplement and response protocol within participating MDTs.  

If your agency, MDT, or community is interested in participating in this exciting new project to begin in October 2017, please contact Program Staff.  

To view a list of upcoming Pediatric Strangulation MDT Training, click on Calendar.

Nicole Martinez-Minton 
Program Manager

Tiffany Lee
Program Analyst